Rhubarb champagne

Lately, a few different people have offered me a sip of their home made rhubarb champagne and I've found it really delicious and unusual. So for my month of making celebration drinks I decided I'd have a go at making rhubarb champagne too.


1.5 kg rhubarb

750 g sugar

1 lemon

6 litres water

3 tablespoons cider vinegar

Finely chop the rhubarb and lemon, and combine with the other ingredients in a large plastic or ceramic container. Leave covered with a tea towel, stirring occassionally. 

After 2 days, strain and bottle. Use bottles* with a good tight seal, plastic is best as it will reduce the chance of the bottles exploding.

The champagne will be ready to drink within a few days, but will only become alcoholic after two weeks. The longer it is left before drinking the less sweet it will be. 

You can taste it every few days, and refrigerate it once it has reached a point that you are happy with. I left mine to stand for 10 days before refrigerating.

all the ingredients, ready to go

* when I made this I chose glass bottles with flip top lids, but these did not have a tight enough seal and the champagne didn't become fizzy enough. I did bottle a small amount of the champagne in a plastic bottle and a glass bottle, both with screw top lids. These bottles were more fizzy and actually burst out of the bottle when the lid came off, just like real champagne.