Garden update

I'm starting to settle into a nice routine coming out to Malmsbury twice a week to check on things and to dig new beds and plant them out.

The latest seedlings to be planted out were the beans and peas today. I sowed them in punnets a couple of weeks ago as a result of impatience, planting them out today I've started to think that I should have waited and sown the seeds direct. But what's done is done, so I'll just hope for the best.

Climbing bean seedlings.JPG

I've also put up a couple of trellises for the climbing beans and peas to climb up. Malmsbury gets pretty windy so a sturdy trellis is very important. Peas don't like the wind a great deal, so I've put them between two rows of beans hoping they will offer some protection once they grow up.

I've also been planting pumpkins in mounds of soil, mushroom compost and cow manure. One of the mounds is right in the middle of the block, taking advantage of a mysterious pre-existing pile of soil. Steve planted these pumpkins last week, so they are the biggest ones at the moment. The rest were planted along the fence today and I expect they'll grow quickly and catch up soon.

Pumpkin mound.JPG